Community Impact

Community Impact is as simple as loving our neighbors as ourselves. At Blendville, we try to do just that. Here are some ways we are trying to impact our community and other community organizations we partner with. 

Click on the logo of the organization to go directly to their website. Each organization is individually responsible for the content on their own website.

  • Just One Dollar

    Each week Blendville people have the chance to give Just One Dollar to help meet peoples' needs in our community.

    Just One Request Form

  • Bright Futures

    We work with the school systems and Bright Futures to help strengthen children and families. We are breakfast or lunch pals with children, we read with them, tutor them, provide monthly teacher lunches and pray for them. We partner with Irving Elementary School. 

  • Crosslines of Joplin

    Crosslines is a non-profit that provides necessary food, household items, clothes and financial assistance to people in the Joplin area.

  • God's Resort

    People need help to escape fear, hurts, and addictions to become one who walks with God and makes wise choices.  God's Resort is a community of people needing the love and support of the body of Christ as they learn about God's love and influence in their life. 

  • Watered Gardens

    Watered Gardens exists to serve the local church to help the poor in Jesus' name by boldly engaging with the homeless and poor relationally, responsibly, and compassionately.