Serve the World

Serving others is a HUGE part of our DNA at Blendville. Jesus said, "I have not come to be served, but to serve." (Mark 10:45) There are several ways to serve at Blendville.

Why Serve?

God has wired you to be a part of something bigger! We believe the church is at its best when everyone uses their natural gifts and abilities to serve others. Joining a serve team equips you to make an impact on our church and community, take steps toward God by serving Him, and have a great time with the people you’ll serve alongside.

Choose to Serve:

Don’t sit back and rely on Blendville’s staff to find you, you find them. If there is an area you would like to serve, then contact a staff member or elder to get connected. 

Learn how God has wired you to serve:

We are all given unique talents and abilities by God - ways that we are naturally inclined to lead, serve, and interact with others. Our simple Spiritual Gifts Assessment can help you identify what these are for you.

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday Mornings, there are several opportunities to serve for people of all skill and confidence levels. Here is a rundown of what we need:

Children's Ministry:

  • Nursery Worker
  • Teacher
  • KidZone Worker
  • Little Sprouts Worker
  • Checkin

Student Ministry:

  • Teacher


  • Teacher

Worship Ministry:

  • Presentation
  • Vocals
  • Instruments
  • Sound Tech
  • Video/Lights
  • Communion Meditation

Welcome Team:

  • Door Greeters
  • Ushers
  • ZONE Workers
  • Communion Servers
  • Van Drivers

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights are a great opportunity to serve and love those around you.

Here is a rundown of the volunteers that are needed on Wednesday Nights:

Children's Ministry:

  • Kitchen Prep
  • Kitchen Servers
  • Center Leaders
  • Check-In

Student Ministry:

  • Student Worship Band
  • Set Up/Tear Down
  • Youth Coach/Mentor

Welcome Team: 

  • Door Greeters
  • Zone Helpers
  • Van Drivers