Blendville is located at:


2201 S. Picher Ave, Joplin MO

If you are using a smart phone, click the above address and it will get you here. 

If you are using a computer, click HERE

If you prefer directions, we are on the corner of 22nd and Picher in southwest Joplin. We are west of St. and east of Maiden Ln. on 22nd St. and north of 26th St. on Picher. If you are coming on 20th, you will have to turn south on either side of the Water Plant, Murphy St. or Empire St. When you reach 22nd St, you can see the church building.   

We have two parking areas, one adjacent to our building on the south side, and one across Picher Ave. There is a drop-off canopy on the south side of our building.